CompuGain Solutions, is in our DNA.

CompuGain Solutions, Product Development is in our DNA.


CompuGain Cloud Strategies uses well structured research methodologies and partnership frameworks to help our clients build and optimize their
Go-to-Market Strategies. Learn more...


CompuGain believes that Microservices development is often a better fit to what future engineering organizations and departments will be organized similar to what Melvyn Conway predicted. Learn more...


CompuGain Data Services uses well structured research methodologies
and partnership frameworks to help our clients build andoptimize their Go-to-Market Strategies. Learn more...

Development & Testing

Software Testing is an extremely crucial phase of the software development life cycle (SDLC) and developers today face most demanding customers who expect 100% flawless functioning of the applications in use. Learn More...

“Large organizations are increasingly looking to modernize their enterprise architectures using Lightbend’s Reactive Platform. CompuGain has a reputation for excellence in the delivery of large-scale complex engagements and so we are excited about the opportunities to work together.”Brad Murdoch, VP, Corporate & Business Development, Lightbend

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CompuGain Solutions provides the following end-to-end testing services:

  • Test Advisory
  • Manual/Functional Testing
  • Test Automation
  • On Premise
  • Cloud
  • Performance Testing

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The New IT: Cloud-Enabled Infrastructure as a Service

a white paper produced by CompuGain Solutions

“The issue here for most businesses is not whether or not they’ll save time or money with a virtual framework. The issue they face is how to transition from their current mission-critical processes to a cloud environment. Even relatively straight-forward processes like Order-to-Cash (OTC) can end up including several different functions like customer service, finance, product fulfillment, etc. The challenge is that many of these functions operate on standalone applications that will all somehow need to be integrated with the new cloud-based solution for enterprises to truly reap the benefits of combining these two innovations.”

Customer service is paramount in everything we do.

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Our Vertical Market Competencies include:

Financial Services
Digital Media

CompuGain offers outsourced product engineering and advisory services for large software-enabled businesses in the US and in Europe.

End-to-end software product lifecycle services:

  • Connector.

    Product Concept Validation

    Our engineers assist in research, usability, and ease of use. They engage high level design concepts to provide a multi-platform environment.

  • Connector.

    Product Engineering

    Our automation paradigms and continuous delivery integration mechanisms differentiate us from the run-of-the-mill product engineering firms.

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    Product Testing

    Our test automation framework helps implement faster test cycles, reduces hours spent on manual testing, and removes the potential for human error.

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    Optimization & Cloud Migration

    We specialize in infrastructure virtualization, legacy modernization, cloud assessments, cloud migrations, and cloud managed services projects.